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About The Homebody 

homebody [ hohm-bod-ee ] noun, plural home·bod·ies.
"a person who prefers pleasures and activities that center around the home." dictionary.com

When the 2019 pandemic hit, we all had to reinvent ourselves,  especially around the home. For my family and me, cooking became salvation.  It was a way to entertain ourselves, to be creative, and to come around the  table and reaffirm what  was most important to us: each other. 

At the time, I was feeling pretty satisfied with my BBQing skills and recipes.  But being at home with extra time on  my  hands made me more adventurous than usual, and I started experimenting with recipes, cooking methods, and  ingredients. This is  how,  as luck would have it, one day I stumbled upon the Snake River Farms and their Wagyu beef.

Since then, I have tested recipes from the most acclaimed and widely known chefs and pit masters and adapted them to Wagyu beef--with phenomenal results! I’m cooking for my family, of  course, but I am now sharing what has become a  passion  of mine with you.   On this blog you will find all of  my tested and perfected recipes.

(And to make sure that I am not biased  in my judgement, I have invited the other three homebodies in the house to share their expertise and their opinions about each of the recipes I post).   



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Team Homebody 

Chef grilling steak in a restaurant.jpg
Thierry Oliva - Grilling With The Homebody

The Homebody

Homebody, meat lover, and soul pit master.

Selects, tests, and perfects all recipes posted on this blog.

Steak Dish
Sandra Oliva - Grilling With The Homebody

Mrs. Homebody

Awesome cook and trusty food critic,

she is behind all of our family's food  pairings--including desserts.

Two homemade beef burgers with mushrooms, micro greens, red onion, fried eggs and beet sau
Oliva Family - Grilling With The Homebody

Homebody's  Babies

Picky eaters! 

If they eat it, it is good.

If  they ask for more, it's a blog winner!


No need to spend hours looking for a Wagyu beef recipe!

I tested and adapted  the best Pit Masters' and BBQ Chefs' recipes to Wagyu beef so that you can take your cooking to  the next level.


No more wordy and confusing recipes!

You will find detailed step-by-step instructions with photos and cooking notes.

All the tools you need to cook to perfection!

Smokers, grills, sous vide cookers, accessories, etc. I have selected--and  will be  sharing with you here-- only the best!​

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Thierry Oliva - Grilling With The Homebody

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